Mint & Olive

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Nomia ColourCombo.jpg

I know the runway season isn't over yet, Paris Fashion Week has only just got underway, so it might seem a little premature to post about my favourites. However, I love this colour combination so much! It will be very hard to trump! 

This outfit is a look from Nomia S/S '18 collection. Not only do I love the colours but also the sheer long-sleeved top combined with, what looks like the most comfortable jumpsuit!

These colours are so beautiful and fresh and also a little unexpected. I love looks that make you think, 'Huh, I never thought of putting those colours together!' 

I'll be seeing where else I can utilise this colour pairing in my own work and styling :D

Eye Focus


Louis Vuitton - House of Holland - Christopher Esber - Bec & Bridge - Valentino - Chanel

It was all drama, drama, drama at the S/S '18 Resort shows as bold colours and winged eyeliner took centre stage.

Warm berry hues were the colours of choice to be contoured into a graduating blush across lid and temple at Louis Vuitton and house of Holland. 

Christopher Esber and Bec & Bridge created statement looks with pastel lemon yellow and bright blue, respectively.

The classic bold liner with feline flick was employed by both Valentino and Chanel but resulted in very different moods. Valentino's collection had somewhat of a 60s aesthetic and a double crease flick added an extra graphic feel. Whereas, the whole collection at the Chanel show had a grecian air, with even the runway background resembling sandy ancient columns. A solid eyeliner makeup look contributed perfectly to this theme. 


Shape Shifting Jewellery

It began with me loosing one of my favourite earrings...

I'm a 'half full' type of girl, so instead of retiring my remaining earring I set about finding it an alternative match. 

For a while, I paired my one round cut gem earring with an ear cuff of the same stone. Then recently, I began playing with contrasting lengths. 

Have you ever experienced the phenomena when you notice something and then it seems to be everywhere? Like when you notice a type of car and then every other car on the road, from then on, seems to be that car. 

Well, this happened with mismatched earrings. Fun and interesting pairings of odd earrings kept catching my attention. 

Emma Watson has sported the mismatched earrings look on the red carpets a number of times. It showed up on Spring / Summer '17 and Autumn / Winter '17 catwalks and, more recently, Victoria Beckham, Christopher Esber and Sass & Bide are just some of the Spring / Summer '18 shows to display odd, mismatch earrings.

Even if you're not looking for a solution to a lots ear piece, this is a fun way to update your accessorising game. And provides me with a fabulous subject for an animated illustration :) 

I'm moving to Primrose Hill

No, I'm not literally moving to Primrose Hill. *sigh* However, my feelings towards the colour yellow, such as this golden primrose hue, have somewhat altered over the last little while. I feel the time might have come to pack my bags and give up my residence in the 'yellow haters' camp. 

Yellow has, for as long as I can remember, been my least favourite colour. However, recently I have found myself noticing and even liking some of these golden hues! The bright algae on this rock caught my attention on my recent holiday in Wales, as did the yellow of the gorse bushes. 

There are a few contributing factors to the change in my attitude towards this shade. One being Belle's dazzling dress in Beauty and the Beast, Emma Stone's 50's inspired dress in La La Land, Emilio Pucci's light and fresh looks and Dries Van Noten's, somewhat contrasting, moody collection.

Teeming with Life

A number of the S/S '17 and A/W '17 collections sparked imaginations with their use of intricate yet dramatic detailing, giving the looks a whimsical and mystical quality.

Embroidered tangling vines, flowering embellishments and the depictions of fluttering winged creatures; birds and mini-beasts, adorned garments.

The use of tassels gave movement, suggesting the adornments might come alive and fly off at any moment. And layers of tulle gave dresses a hazy weightlessness. 

With such creations looking as though they had just stepped off the pages of a fairy tale story book, I was inspired to add a touch of animation to this illustrations from one of my favourite shows, Christian Dior's S/S '17 Couture.

Floral Sensitivities

The spring sun is finally arriving along with many other signs of the change in season. It seems the perfect time to look back at the inspiring use of floral arrangements at the S/S '17 shows.

Floral embellishments were the detail of the moment, none more exquisite than those that adorned sheer layers at the Alexander McQueen show and the delicate placement of pressed flowers at the Preen show.

The beauty story by Mike Blackett Photography and make up artist Scarlett Burton evokes the same ethereal sensitivity.

This floral beauty illustration was my interpretation of the beautiful work of makeup artist Claire Plekhoff